I have been a computer user for approximately 24 years, and consider myself a geek. As you know a lot of gun rights advocates are not super computer geeks. So I’ve decided to put together some information and links on this page of things that I use to make myself safer and more productive on the Internet. I do plan on doing a show on how gun rights advocates can use the Internet more efficiently. But until I do that hopefully the links and information on this page will be helpful.


The first thing I suggest is that everyone have a secondary e-mail account. I use Gmail, and it is an excellent Web e-mail service. the main reason to have an account like this. Is that when you need to sign up for things that you need to use an e-mail address for you do not have to give them your main address, which will always increase unwanted e-mails. the other good thing is, if you switch Internet service providers. This e-mail address is totally portable and can be checked on any computer. Gmail is by invitation only. So if you would like to have a Gmail account. Just e-mail me and I will be happy to send you an invitation.

Web browser:

One program that you use most of the time on the Internet is your Web browser. The majority of personal computer users have Microsoft Windows installed on their system. Internet explorer is the default web browser for those systems. And that’s the problem because if hackers want to attack you on the Internet, they know that 90% of the Windows users are using an insecure and out-of-date Web browser with security flaws. so I suggest you download one of two different Web browsers that are free to protect yourself. There are very few web sites that have to use Internet Explorer I suggest installing either Firefox or Opera and use it as your default Web browser and only use Internet Explorer when it is necessary. Microsoft will be releasing a new version of Internet Explorer in November , to repair some security issues of Internet Explorer 6. They do have a release candidate #1 available for trial from their web site. I have been using it for about a month. And it seems to be quite stable. As far as the security issues, only time will tell. Click here if you’d like to go and download Internet Explorer 8

Update: My browser of choice is now “Chrome”.


A Podcast is nothing more than an audio file that can be delivered to you with a special program. So when you hear the word Podcast. All you need to think of is that it is an audio file. I personally listen to more than 40 different Podcast’s and a majority of them have to do with technology. If you’d like to search for other Podcast’s. You can always go to Podcast Alley, iTune, Stitcher Radio which are directories listing more than 10,000 Podcast’s.
Here is a list of some of the Technology Podcast I enjoy. For a list of firearm related podcasts I listen to go to my gun podcast link page.

  1. Leo Laporte: Podcast Network
  2. Gmail Podcast
  3. Mike Tech Show
  4. Typical PC User Podcast
  5. Security Now
  6. Buzz Out Loud
  7. Windows Weekly
  8. Tech News Today
  9. Tekzilla
  10. Linux Cazy
  11. DistroWatch Weekly
  12. Daily Tech Show
  13. The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast