GRA Podcast Second Anniversary

I just wanted to let all the listeners know that the podcast will be returning May 2, 2008. I would like to thank all of you for all the nice letters I have received during my three week break. The projects around the house went very well but there are still more to do, but the podcast must go on.

April 22, 2008 was the second anniversary for me doing this podcast and I would like to make the next year even better so I’m going to give you several ways you can contact me so I can get your feedback on how the podcast can be better in the next year.

Feedback Line: 574-203-0802

Contacts Page: Click Here

Skype: mark.vanderberg

Twitter: gunrights

E-Mail: I do not give this e-mail address out on the website because of spammers. So please listen to the audio and write it down.

Your help is needed if you are a web designer or graphics artist. I have purchased quite a few domain names which I would like to expand into other properties for the podcast and gun rights community. If you are interested in volunteering your time please feel free to contact me. Also if you’re not someone that is very tech savvy and you would just like to donate some money to this cause please do so from the donation link on the right side of the page.


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Desktop software I use to watch Twitter.


Interview with David T. Hardy – Episode #081

[ad#new-ads] In this episode of the podcast I interviewed David T. Hardy, attorney, author, blogger and producer. Mr. Hardy is someone that I have been looking forward to interviewing for quite awhile. I am a regular reader of Mr. Hardy’s blogs and anything else he does he has such a great insight and many years of work towards protecting our Second Amendment rights. It is a great pleasure and honor for me to interview Mr. Hardy and hopefully we will have some additional interviews with him in the future.

Please considering purchasing a copy of the video he produced “In search of the Second Amendment, A documentary” it is an excellent video that should be shared with old friends and family. And you should probably purchase a copy and donated to one of your local libraries.


David T. Hardy – Wikipedia

Of Arms and the Law

In Search of the Second Amendment– Wikipedia



Origins and Development of the Second Amendment: A Sourcebook

David T. Hardy: An Interview With American Gun Owners’ Best Friend

In Search of the Second Amendment - A Documentary


First Look: Supreme Court Heller Case Oral Arguments – Episode #079

As most of you already know the Supreme Court had oral arguments on Wednesday, March 18 on the DC v. Heller case. I posted the audio that was recorded in the courtroom the evening of March 18 and we have already had 5,500 downloads in the first two days. What we are going to do in this episode is have a conversation with Dustin from Dustin’s Gun Blog.


D.C. v. Heller Oral Arguments Audio – Episode #078

I recorded this audio in real time from an audio stream from the Internet. There may be some times where the audio is a little hard to hear what it is they almost in its entirety. I lost the stream at the very end. So it is missing about six minutes of which I do not think would’ve been very important. Please remember to send me your voicemail comments. Please call 574-203-0802 and I will do an episode with all of your opinions of this audio file.


Transcript of DC v. Heller Oral Arguments (PDF format)

In Second Amendment Case, High Court Majority Appears to Support Individual Right to Own Guns

Supreme Court handguns case is ‘hottest ticket in town’

Justices Agree on Right to Own Guns


John McCain… Support or Not – Episode #072

John McCain appears to be the candidate that will be nominated at the Republican convention. We discuss in this podcast whether supporters of the Second Amendment should support John McCain or not. We also discuss the candidates on the other side of the Second Amendment issue. This is an episode that every freedom loving, Second Amendment supporting, gun owner should listen to.

In future episodes of this podcast will will be discussing ways that you can get involved to help us better have a more stable House and Senate that will be able to protect our Second Amendment rights no matter who is elected as president.


Illegal Gun Question from NV Democratic Presidential Debate

Sportsmen for Barack Obama

John McCain’s views on the Second Amendment from his presidential 2008 website

McCain Is a No Show on Guns

National Shooting Sports Foundation profile of John McCain

John McCain vs. Gun Rights and Second Amendment

John McCain on Gun Control

GOA On John McCain’s Record

Two Thumbs Down for McCain’s Gun Control Ad