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Just an early reminder that the FREE 29th Gun Rights Policy Conference will be held in Chicago Illinois this year at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The dates for this conference will be September 26, 27th, and 28th 2014.

If you listen to my podcast at all you know I’m a huge fan of GRPC. Had the opportunity to speak at two of the last conferences and would just like to encourage all of you to preregister.

If you’re serious gun rights advocates than this is the one conference you need to be at this year. The last conference in Chicago Illinois set all kinds of attendance records for the conference. And we need to make it bigger and better this year.

Click on the link below to sign up today! I will see you at GRPC 2014

Gun Rights Policy Conference ← Second Amendment Foundation.


Follow-Up to Evansville Indiana Lawsuit

There have been some developments after my interview with Guy Relford in the last episode of the podcast. It appears that some people that should know better have decided that it’s a good idea to attack Mr. Benjamin A. Magenheimer for exercising his rights under not only the Second Amendment of the United States but also under the Indiana Constitution and Indiana law.

Mr. Benjamin A. Magenheimer the plaintiff in the case against the city of Evansville was doing nothing more than exercising his right to carry a firearm. Indiana state law does not limit our right to carry only a concealed firearm. Far too often though individuals who are licensed to carry a firearm in our state are not familiar enough with the law to know that there is no reason why legally they cannot carry openly. So it causes confusion and when someone does at sometimes frightens individuals who are more ignorant of our laws.

Of course the media does not help and for some reason some of our citizens would much rather take the position that the media is pushing then using their own thought processes and thinking it out thoroughly before commenting in public. That is very unfortunate.

This past weekend I spent at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago in a room with nearly 800 Illinois residents who are working hard to have just the slimmest of rights that Indiana residents already take for granted. Let’s not go backwards with our freedoms and please think before you comment on something you have no direct knowledge of.

Here is a link to a letter from Guy Relford the attorney of Benjamin A. Magenheimer.


Mark Vanderberg created the Gun Rights Radio Network (GRRN) to host those independent voices among the pro-gun owners’ rights community. Since its founding in early 2008, the group has expanded to some 18 regular podcasts. Podcasts are like radio shows that are held in archives and can be downloaded at listeners’ convenience. Visit:


SAFR – Episode #122

Please accept my apologies for such a long delay for this episode to come out. I have been having some technical problems with the computer I use to record and edit my podcast and just before I went back to work after being laid off I had some plumbing problems around the house that kept me from getting the episode helped.

This is though the second attempt at recording this episode. The first I felt I was a little too angry in the episode to release it. Some of things I was reading about the woman who left her gun in her purse and then tried to enter the courthouse just really irritated me and I decided not to release the angry episode.


Forgotten gun leads to Beecher woman’s arrest

ARMED CITIZENS OF CHICAGO – Miguel web site, he is A.C.O.CHICAGO on the forums


Interview with Valinda Rowe – Episode #121

Second Amendment Freedom Rally is this Friday June 26, 2009 and I am looking forward to it very much. As most of you know Chicago is my birthplace and every chance I can get to return and help the citizens of Chicago bring awareness to their loss of freedoms, I’ll be there.

TO: Mark

From: Valinda Rowe

Thank you so much for the interview! It really was a pleasure to talk with you.

I didn’t get around to mentioning all of our speakers but if you need to know who they are:

Featured speakerRalph W. Conner – CORE-Chicago
Richard Pearson – Ex. Dir. Illinois State Rifle Association
Mike Weisman – 1st Vice President Illinois State Rifle Association
Valinda Rowe – spokesperson and SAFR coordinator
Sean Horton – Militant Markman Podcaster fame
Laura Anderson – Allied Illinois Markswomen
Paula Bratich – Second Amendment Sisters
Mick Paskiewicz – IL chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
Olivia Snow/Christos Dimoulis (duh-moo-lis) High School students
Father Thomas Janikowski – Knox County Rifleman, Priests and Patriots


Second Amendment Freedom Rally

Small Talk: Second Amendment Freedom Rally by Don Bekeleski

2009 Gun Rights Policy Conference St. Louis Missouri September 25 26th and 27th


Thank You Blue Dogs – Episode #114

This episode is a little shorter than most due to the severe cold that hit me on Friday. Hopefully it’s bearable enough to listen to with all the throat clearing and sniffling. I just didn’t have the time or the patience to do a proper job editing this week. Sorry


Second Amendment March

Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) 2009

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