NRA Disclose Act – Episode #131

In this episode of the gun rights advocates podcast you will hear my thoughts on the Disclose Act and why I feel the NRA did nothing wrong.

Also we will discuss the new law that takes effect July 1 in Indiana allowing employees to bring their firearms work and keep them in their locked vehicle.

And of course we will discuss the ruling by the Supreme Court on McDonald v. the city of Chicago.


Setting The Record Straight On The DISCLOSE Act

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox’s Message on H.R. 5175


NRA didn’t sell out

Statement by Wayne LaPierre Executive Vice President, NRA and Chris W. Cox Executive Director, NRA-ILA Regarding U.S. Supreme Court Decision McDonald v. City of Chicago

National Rifle Association Hails Historic Victory on Second Amendment Freedom in McDonald v. City of Chicago

Read the U.S. Supreme Court Opinion (PDF File)

NRA to endorse Harry Reid? – War Room


Official NRA Podcast Available – Episode #117

The National Rifle Association has finally decided to podcast Cam Edwards NRA News. This is something that I have been asking them to do for many years and I know a lot of you also have been requesting it.

I still have the website domain that I will probably use to help explain to new listeners how to subscribe to their podcast.

Over last couple of days I have listened to about 9 hours of the NRA podcast and I’m enjoying it quite a bit, because now I do not have to stay up till midnight to hear the entire show. Hopefully all of you will find enough value in listening to the Gun Rights Radio Network and NRA’s new podcast and keep contributing to both.



Black Rifle Radio

NRA Podcast



Pistol Packing Preacher Blog – Episode #113

Thank you to all of you who have signed up to become a NRA life members, we have now sent out over $13,000 to the National Rifle Association for the special NRA life memberships that will end March 31, 2009


Pistol Packing Preacher Blog

$300 NRA Life Membership -if you need a sponsor

Already a life member and would like to sign someone else for the special deal that ends March 31, 2009. Use the following link to do that.

NRA Validate



Interview with Charles Heller – Episode #111

In this episode I interview Charles Heller from Liberty Watch Radio and Jason Clark from Clark custom Knives.
[ad#new-ads] Congratulations to the host of “The Urban Shooter Podcast“, Kenn Blanchard for being named Director of Urban Affairs of Gun Owners of America. GOA could not have picked a better person for the job. Kenn we wish you great success in your position.



Liberty Watch Radio

Liberty Watch Radio Archives

Charles Heller, Eric, Tony, and the GRPC

Clark Custom Knives; Handmade knives by: Jason Clark

2009 NRA Director candidate questionnaire

Forum Members Only: NRA Life Memberships still available for $300

NEW PODCAST: GunFighter Cast


Interview with Ashley Varner – Episode #109


NRA Letter about the nomination of Eric Holder as Attorney General (PDF)

H.R. 45 Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009

Gun Law Update Jan. 21, 2009. Gun Rights Licensing Planned (HR 45)

Obama Administration Halts Pending Bush Regulations

VCDL Lobby Day 2009 from Matt Gottshalk on Vimeo.