GRPC 2012 – Maria Heil NRA Board Member

We are starting a series of audio from the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2012 from Orlando Florida. There is more than 16 hours worth of audio and we will be releasing most of it over the next several weeks to a month.

This first audio is from the panel entitled “The Most Dangerous Election of Our Lifetime” the speaker is Maria Heil, board member and spokesperson, National Rifle Association.

Maria HeilMaria Heil is a member of the NRA board of directors and has been an NRA member for 25 years. She has been a right to keep and bear arms activists since 2000 when she joined Second Amendment Sisters (SAS), which was founded in response to the so-called “Million Mom March.” She served as SAS National Spokesperson for four years supporting Second Amendment rights with appearances on national shows- CBS’ Sunday Morning, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, NRA News’ Cam & Company, John Walsh Show, and Pure Oxygen. Featured as the pro-gun mother and PBS-aired documentary Guns and Mothers. Interviewed by media outlets throughout the United States as well as overseas, she was a contributing editor for “Women & Guns magazine from 2004 to 2007. Active in successful election campaigns for Pro-Second Amendment candidates, she is the local friends of the NRA committee Co-Chair in 2007 and current local FNRA Committee Member.

You can find the audio of my speech at GRRN forum.

Bar Stool Discussion Episode  #152 will have a complete discussion about GRPC 2012 with Doc Wesson from the Gun Nation Podcast and myself.

Schedule for the Bar Stool Discussion Live Shows can be found at our Live Page.

Thank you to Charles Heller from Liberty Watch Radio for making the audio of the conference available to us.


Interview with Joshua Falzone – Episode #146

It’s again that time were we do our annual what you can do to help elect pro-government candidates this election season.

So in this episode I have an interview with Indiana NRA Candidate Field Representative Joshua Falzone. Josh was mainly working in two districts in the state of Indiana and they are at opposite ends of the state. The travel time between the southern district and the northern district that he is working in is about five hours. So you can imagine he spending a lot of time in his car. But we’re very happy that he was able to take some time this Sunday ( July 22, 2012) two talk to us about how you could not only help Indiana if you live here. But also how you can get in contact with the right people in your state so that you could volunteer to help elect pro-Second Amendment candidates in your state.

One very good place to start to find out who you need to talk to about volunteering with the NRA is to go over to the NRA–ILA website and look up who is your election volunteer coordinator in your district. Make sure you give them a call or e-mail them to schedule some time when it’s convenient for you to volunteer.

I’m All IN, Are you?


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Indiana Dick Lugar out after 35 Years – Episode #145

After 35 years in the U.S. Senate Dick Lugar has been defeated by the good freedom loving citizens of Indiana.  On May 8, 2012 the anti-gun movement in the Senate has been sent a major blow by having one of their long time RINO Republican senators losing his primary against an “A” rated and NRA backed candidate.

Indiana Senate Lugar Retire

Toppling over such a long time  politician doesn’t happen very often.  After working for the last 20 years to do what happened on May 8 I always wondered whether it would ever happen.  I’d always thought that he’d probably leave office either by choice or by death.  Never thought he’d stick around so long that he’d finally be defeated.

This means now we have a much better chance of passing good legislation and keeping out the unwanted compromise that a RINO  like Dick Lugar would always do.  I’d much rather see legislation not passed then have to compromise our freedoms and values.

Hope you enjoy this episode but please also take a look at all the links below you will find some very good articles and discussions about the loss of Dick Lugar in the United States Senate

NRA Lugar F


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Here is a link to my Personal Audio Blog at

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NRA Lugar out



All In at NRA 2012 Meeting – Episode #144

Mark Vanderberg in this episode talks about attending the NRA annual meeting in St. Louis. Mark has been an NRA member for more than 20 years but this is the first annual meeting he has attended.

If you have never attended an annual meeting and are considering attending a future one Mark will let you know what you should expect.

April Friday the 13th Mark attended the NRA Celebration of American Values – Leadership Forum and was able to hear a couple candidates for president and other elected officials from around the country speak.


Second Amendment Weekend At Cabela’s – Episode #139

Win a New S&W M&P 9C

Transcripts of the NRA Workshop (Word doc) (PDF) Coming Soon

I Join NRA-ILA staff on Saturday, February 5th, 2011, for a day of important grassroots education. We meet at the Cabela’s  Dundee, Michigan for a full day of grassroots education. As always I had permission to record the event and that’s what this episode will entail.

NRA Workshop 2011

Would like to thank the NRA-ILA staff for putting on such a informative and professional program. And thanks to Cabela’s for hosting the event and giving everyone who participated that day a 10% discount of anything available in the store.

Suzanne Anglewicz

The Speakers:

Suzanne Anglewicz, Manager, Political & Legislative Activities,  NRA-ILA

Krista Cupp, Grassroots Coordinator, NRA-ILA

Darin Goens, NRA-ILA Michigan Liaison

Krista Cupp

GRPC 2011

Darin Goens