NRA Leadership Forum – Part 1


2008 NRA Leadership Forum
Louisville Kentucky
May 16, 2008

John Sigler
President, NRA

Wayne LaPierre
CEO & Executive Vice President, NRA

Chris W. Cox
Executive Director, NRA-ILA

Hon. Daniel Mongiardo
Lt. Governor, Commonwealth of Kentucky

Karl Rove
Former Deputy Chief of Staff, President George W. Bush

Lt. Col. Oliver North
Honorary Chairman, Freedom Alliance

Hon. Mike Huckabee
Former Governor, State of Arkansas

Hon. Kay Bailey Hutchison
United States Senator, State of Texas

Hon. John Bolton
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Hon. Mitt Romney
Former Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Marcus Luttrell
U.S. Navy SEAL

Hon. Dan Boren
United States Representative, State of Oklahoma

Sgt. Greg Stube
U.S. Special Forces

Hon. Mitch McConnell
United States Senator, Commonwealth of Kentucky

Hon. John McCain
United States Senator, State of Arizona


Cam & Company from Louisville, Kentucky – NRA Annual Meeting

[ad#new-ads] May 15, 2008 Cam Edwards the host of Cam & Company did a live show from the empty exhibit hall in Louisville, Kentucky where the NRA’s annual meeting will be held. This recording is about three hours long, I do hope you enjoy.

I have many more hours of very inspiring recordings from the NRA annual meeting and will be releasing them in the future. Please remember to support the NRA by either joining up a new member, renewing your membership or signing up for life membership. You can do all that right here from the website. Just click on the banner on the lower right hand side to join.


Matt Caron’s Audio Letter – Episode #074

Matt Caron submitted an audio letter that takes me to task on some issues. I have replied to those issues in this episode but if you would like to listen to Matt’s audio letter without my comments you can download it from the website.


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