Second Amendment Weekend At Cabela’s – Episode #139

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Transcripts of the NRA Workshop (Word doc) (PDF) Coming Soon

I Join NRA-ILA staff on Saturday, February 5th, 2011, for a day of important grassroots education. We meet at the Cabela’s  Dundee, Michigan for a full day of grassroots education. As always I had permission to record the event and that’s what this episode will entail.

NRA Workshop 2011

Would like to thank the NRA-ILA staff for putting on such a informative and professional program. And thanks to Cabela’s for hosting the event and giving everyone who participated that day a 10% discount of anything available in the store.

Suzanne Anglewicz

The Speakers:

Suzanne Anglewicz, Manager, Political & Legislative Activities,  NRA-ILA

Krista Cupp, Grassroots Coordinator, NRA-ILA

Darin Goens, NRA-ILA Michigan Liaison

Krista Cupp

GRPC 2011

Darin Goens


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There are plenty of opportunities out there to get involved in the political process. Helping to protect your rights under the Second Amendment is probably one of the most important political process you can get involved in. The interview that I conducted with Glen Caroline, Director, NRA-ILA Grassroots Division for this episode will help you find the ways you can get involved in this year’s presidential and congressional elections. It is very important but if you have considered being politically active in the past that you do so this year.

Most of this political activity is not very glamorous but it is all very important and I have been out there working very hard in the past and are planning to do as much this year as I have in the past.


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