National Firearms Act (NFA) – Episode #112


David Goldman is an attorney from Florida who has the website NFA Gun Trust Lawyers Blog. I interview David in this episode about the national firearms act, in which we discussed the history, firearms covered by NFA & NFA Gun Trusts.

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Not enough time in the podcast to mention the following link but maybe some of you should go over to these forums and reply to some of the outrageous comments being posted.

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Doc & Matt are the co-guest hosts in this episode. Also we have a voice mail talking about seeing someone do a straw purchase. Straw purchases are against federal law and if you ever see one yourself you should report it. Most of the time the only reason a person is doing a straw purchase is because it would be illegal for him to normally purchase a firearm on his own. So if you do not report it, makes the rest of us look like criminals.


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