GRPC 2012 Protecting the Rights to Protect – Episode #153

Audio in this episode was recorded live September 29, 2012 at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando Florida. “Protecting the Rights to Protect” panel started at 11:20 AM that morning and there are a total of 1 speaker. Biographical information of each speaker is below. It was supplied to us from the Second Amendment Foundation.

Thanks to Charles Heller from Liberty Watch Radio for supplying us with the audio.

Mark O' Mara
Mark M. O’Mara has been practicing Criminal and Family Law in Central Florida for 28 years, and is presently Board Certified as a Criminal Trial Specialist and a Marital and Family Law Specialist. Mark is a formerfelony prosecutor and Division Chief and has handled all types of criminal cases, including traffic, property crimes, DUI, drug cases and Death Penalty cases. He has extensive trial experience in both state and federal criminal defense. Mark also represents clients in contested divorce cases, involving child time sharing issues, alimony and division of assets. Mark is also involved in many Bar activities, including serving as President of the Seminole County Bar Association and serving on both Circuit and Federal Grievance Commit-tees. He currently serves as the legal analyst for Central Florida’s WKMG Channel 6.


National Firearms Act (NFA) – Episode #112


David Goldman is an attorney from Florida who has the website NFA Gun Trust Lawyers Blog. I interview David in this episode about the national firearms act, in which we discussed the history, firearms covered by NFA & NFA Gun Trusts.

Gun Trust Lawyer


NFA Gun Trust Lawyers Blog

National Firearms Act – Wikipedia

Ruger online video

Glenn Beck – Ted Nugent Is Patriot

Stephen Halbrook with CNN’s Lou Dobbs on Gun Control

Clark Custom Knives

Forum Members Only: NRA Life Memberships still available for $300

Not enough time in the podcast to mention the following link but maybe some of you should go over to these forums and reply to some of the outrageous comments being posted.

The Obama Forum – Gun Control & Consfication


Obama Wins, What Next! – Episode #102


Not for anyone to give up hope yet. What happens if Obama wins the presidency? It is a real possibility in this political climate that someone so extremely left of center could win by a large margin.

I think it’s time to start discussing the reality of this and to make plans to combat the anti-rights movement before they get started.

I personally believe that Obama could be much worse than President Clinton ever was. He will have control over two branches of government with majorities that could easily push through far left leaning judges that would allow them control of the third branch quite easily. This is something that President Clinton did not have.

Do you think that the Obama administration would start right off trying to restrict rights? Or do you believe that they will lay low for a while and strike when it’s more convenient for them?

What do you think the first anti-gun law will be passed under a Obama administration?

  • Scary gun ban
  • One gun a month
  • Magazine Ban
  • Limiting license to carry
  • Restricting manufacturing
  • Eliminating black rifles

or am I missing something, maybe something else we haven’t thought of yet.

Let me know what you think.


A Liberal Supermajority

Knob Creek Fall 2008 Machinegun Shoot (Aaron Woodin)


Guest Host: Independence Day – Episode #091

I hope none of you get a chance to listen to this episode on Independence Day. Hopefully you’re spending time with your friends and family. I’m sorry but this is a very short episode I’ve been spending quite a bit of time helping get a couple new podcast started and working on the gun rights radio network website. I know this podcast has been suffering a little bit from not having my full attention but soon I will make it a focus again.

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2008 Gun Rights Policy Conference