Starbucks Buycott – Episode #143

Wow, it’s been since September 2011 since I released an episode of this podcast. Well I’ve been very busy with GRRN and normally talk about a lot of gun rights advocacy topics on the LIVE Bar Stool Discussion on a biweekly basis. So sometimes it gives me very little talk about here.

Not this week because the Valentine’s Day buycott of Starbucks has given me reason to do a new episode. So listen to the show and please send in your audio feedback. I’d like to use your feedback in the next episode so that we can have a debate.


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Obama Wins, What Next! – Episode #102


Not for anyone to give up hope yet. What happens if Obama wins the presidency? It is a real possibility in this political climate that someone so extremely left of center could win by a large margin.

I think it’s time to start discussing the reality of this and to make plans to combat the anti-rights movement before they get started.

I personally believe that Obama could be much worse than President Clinton ever was. He will have control over two branches of government with majorities that could easily push through far left leaning judges that would allow them control of the third branch quite easily. This is something that President Clinton did not have.

Do you think that the Obama administration would start right off trying to restrict rights? Or do you believe that they will lay low for a while and strike when it’s more convenient for them?

What do you think the first anti-gun law will be passed under a Obama administration?

  • Scary gun ban
  • One gun a month
  • Magazine Ban
  • Limiting license to carry
  • Restricting manufacturing
  • Eliminating black rifles

or am I missing something, maybe something else we haven’t thought of yet.

Let me know what you think.


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Welcome Home George – Episode #096


The last 15 months George a listener of the podcast has been serving our country in Iraq and is now back home safely. I would just like to thank George for his service to our country from all of us and I’m sure the sacrifices his family had to make while he was gone.

I recently came across a podcast that does reviews of other podcasts. I thought what an excellent idea someplace where you can kind of get some feedback and maybe some new podcasts you’d like to listen to. And then I found out that they actually did a review of this podcast. They mixed up myself and Matt Caron but that was all right I understood who they were talking about. If you would like to listen to their review of the podcast or any other reviews they may have. I will provide the link below. In there or show 37 about 15 minutes 30 seconds in is the review of this podcast. Please contact them and let them know what you think.


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