No podcast this week – 04-06-07

I had a power supply go out in my computer this week and it was several days to get a new one. So I was unable to prepare for this week’s show and because I did not want to put out a bad show. I decided to skip this week’s podcast, but I will be back on schedule in two weeks.

Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America has agreed to do an interview for a future podcast. I would like you to send me questions that you would like me to ask Larry about either Gun Owners of America or about the 2008 election and candidate’s. Click the contact at the top of this page to e-mail me your questions. Thanks

I would also like to thank Leith for making a purchase at the U.S. Concealed Carry website.


NRA News Podcast – D.C. Gun Ban Unconstitutional

This is not a normal podcast for me it is from the NRA News show Cam & Company for March 9, 2007. The NRA does not do a podcast of the Cam & Company show. It is only streamed over the Internet the day it was live and the day after and also on sirius satellite radio. I thought this episode was so important for gun rights advocates to hear that I recorded the entire show and have placed it here.

If you are a member of the NRA you may want to encourage them to do a podcast of the Cam & Company show. The nice thing about doing a podcast is that you could listen to the 3 hour show whenever you would like instead of staying up from 9 PM till midnight five nights a week to listen to such a good show.

I am not podcasting this with any permission from NRA. But I hope they recognize the importance of the show as to why it needs to be heard. I have left the show in its entirety commercials included with only a short introduction by me. This is a warning to those of you who are on slow Internet connections. This file is a 3 hour MP3 that is more than 60 MB in size. I would not recommend downloading this file if you’re on dialup. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did and there may be hope yet for Washington, D.C.



New Forums for Listeners

I have just installed some new forums software today. So that we can have a more open discussion about gun rights and feedback and comments about the podcast.

The forums software and using is very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is sign up for an account by picking a username and password and then just log in.

You can go to the forms by clicking on the tab in the header of web site or directly to


Server Was Down

Sorry but server was down for a couple hours, January 13. Right after latest Podcast was uploaded. If that ever happens again. Please try back later and e-mail me to let me know there’s a problem.

If you also enjoy technology Podcast’s. If you listen to show #104 from the Mike Tech Show you will hear a familiar voice. I sent Mike an audio comment that he used in the show.


You can now if you are a user digg this Podcast in the new Podcasting area on You can digg the entire Podcast and individual episodes. You can also leave comments about those episodes and others can reply. If you have never been to it is a social driven content web site. Users post news web sites and Podcast’s. And depending on how many digg a particular content received will move it up to the front page. you can find a lot of interesting things at

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