A Panel of Experts Debate on Guns in America

Cooley Law School will again be hosting a symposium on gun rights. Again I will be attending and recording audio to bring back to you here at the Gun Rights Advocates Podcast.

World Views Collide: A Panel of Experts Debate on Guns in America
Thurs., October 24, 2013
Noon – 4:00 p.m. (Reception to Follow)
Cooley Temple Conference Center
Lansing, MI

William Wagner, Tenured Professor, Cooley Law School
Carol Bambery, NRA Board Member and General Counsel, IAFWA
Steve Dulan, Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners
David Hardy, Attorney & Former NRA Assistant General Counsel
Linda Brundage, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Craig Whitney, Author of Living with Guns





Gun Rights Advocate’s New Tattoo

Have wanted a tattoo for a very long time but just could never decide on what I wanted to put on my body permanently. As most of you know I started this website and podcast back in 2006. I end every episode with my trademark “It’s not about guns, it’s about freedom.”. So while in Las Vegas in mid-January 2013 for Shot Show the firearms industries largest trade show. I decided to step into a tattoo parlor to see what kind of artists were available.

Below you will see the end results.


Vegas Ink
3735 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109


Follow-Up to Evansville Indiana Lawsuit

There have been some developments after my interview with Guy Relford in the last episode of the podcast. It appears that some people that should know better have decided that it’s a good idea to attack Mr. Benjamin A. Magenheimer for exercising his rights under not only the Second Amendment of the United States but also under the Indiana Constitution and Indiana law.

Mr. Benjamin A. Magenheimer the plaintiff in the case against the city of Evansville was doing nothing more than exercising his right to carry a firearm. Indiana state law does not limit our right to carry only a concealed firearm. Far too often though individuals who are licensed to carry a firearm in our state are not familiar enough with the law to know that there is no reason why legally they cannot carry openly. So it causes confusion and when someone does at sometimes frightens individuals who are more ignorant of our laws.

Of course the media does not help and for some reason some of our citizens would much rather take the position that the media is pushing then using their own thought processes and thinking it out thoroughly before commenting in public. That is very unfortunate.

This past weekend I spent at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago in a room with nearly 800 Illinois residents who are working hard to have just the slimmest of rights that Indiana residents already take for granted. Let’s not go backwards with our freedoms and please think before you comment on something you have no direct knowledge of.

Here is a link to a letter from Guy Relford the attorney of Benjamin A. Magenheimer.


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First Skypecasts on Gun Rights – May 5, 2007

I will be hosting the first gun rights Skypecasts to night. A Skypecasts is a way that up to 100 Skype users can have a conversation all at one time. Because this is the first time I will be actually using the service I am not actually sure how it actually works. You do have to have Skype installed to be part of the Skypecasts. The time and link below should get you started. You can get in up to 30 minutes after the start time but after that you will be locked out.

Notice: The Skypecasts may be recorded and posted in full or in parts as a podcast.

Skypecasts: May 5 Time 7:00 pm EST

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