What Happened To GRRN?

A couple weeks prior to February 28, 2014 I announced that I would be shutting down the Gun Rights Radio Network.

GRRN Album Art

There are a few reasons why I decided to shut down the network but the main reason is that I feel that I accomplished the goal that I originally set out for the network. That was to promote and encourage others to do gun related shows. That has happened there are many amateur and professional podcasts available with gun related topics. When I started this podcast “Gun Rights Advocates Podcast” there was none. Today there are more than I can count.

So, what has happened to the podcasts that were on the network? Well all the podcasts are still available in the same way you listen to them before. With the exception of the Bar Stool Discussion which was hosted on GRRN server. Liberal Gun Corner  was also hosted on the same server but Cowboys T is working on setting up on his own server so it should be back operational shortly.

GRRN discussion forums was also a casualty in shutting down the network. There will be no sadness there for me because it was a big pain in my backside. Originally when I chose the software I had no idea that membership would grow like it did. The software was out-of-date at the time I started using it but it was free. There was all kinds of bugs created in the database, database errors and no clear easy upgrade path to something else that worked better. So no sadness for me to see it go.

Will continue to do this podcast when I have time. Also will be on twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all the other social networks that you can find me on.

Still wake up every day and say what can I do to protect the Second Amendment today.

Thank you to everyone who supported me in the past with encouraging emails and financial support for the network. Thank you to everyone who also behind the scenes helped me in every small way that you have. Over the years there’s been so many people that have helped out that made the network what it was. But special thanks goes out to the podcasters that devoted their time to put out some of the best shows on the Internet. I really appreciated working with all of you, meeting with you at conferences and rallies around the country.

Just remember it’s not about guns, it’s about freedom.