Did you Subscribers Through PayPal?

I no longer operate GRRN (Gun Rights Radio Network) but there are still subscribers through PayPal. I can find no way of canceling someone subscription. PayPal has been absolutely no help and so now for several years I still receive subscription payments. Which I do use to maintain all the past episodes of the podcasts. But I do need to get the subscriptions canceled because recently one of the subscribers did not contact me but contacted PayPal telling them they never received their merchandise. I refunded the $24 subscription and then PayPal nailed me with a $20 fee. Yep, I refunded the money but they also charged me a $20 fee for the dispute. PayPal will not allow me to cancel my account and separated from my checking until there is no activity for at least 168 days. There will be continued activity unless I can get these subscriptions canceled.

Your help is needed… If you were a GRRN subscriber please check your Paypal account and cancel the subscription. I see no easy way to do it on my end. And if you know a way of doing it please let me know. It is not easy to find if it’s available.

Thank you,

Mark Vanderberg


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