What Can Happen When You Stand Your Ground: GRPC Part 5 – Episode #160

This episode we go back to audio from Gun Rights Policy Conference 2013 from September 28 in Houston Texas.

We start off with the panel:

What Can Happen When You Stand Your Ground:
Massad Ayoob, trustee, Second Amendment Foundation, author, founder, Lethal Force Institute
Chris Bird, author, Thank God I Had a Gun
Marty Hayes, JD, president, Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

The Future of Second Amendment Litigation:
Alan Gura, Esq., litigator in DC v. Heller, and McDonald v. Chicago

But before we get into the audio  from GRPC I talk about listening to podcasts and the changes over the years and how we  connect. Also my new favorite mobile cross-platform podcasting application. Pocket cast

GRPC was recorded September 28, 2013 in Houston Texas. Thanks to Charles Heller for providing  us with the audio.


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