Cooley Law Review Symposium 2013(Part 1) – Episode #159

Thomas M Cooley Law School does a annual law review on gun control and the Second Amendment. This year’s symposium was entitled “World Views Collide: A Panel of Experts Debate on Guns in America

Gun Rights Advocates Podcast was able to attend the symposium in Lansing Michigan on Thursday, October 24, 2013 and had permission to record and distribute this audio for those that were unable to attend.

You will find the link above to the audio that was recorded. This is only the first hour of the audio we will be releasing part two and part three in the coming weeks.

Symposium was Moderated by  Prof. William Wagner

Symposium Panelists:
William Wagner, Tenured Professor, Cooley Law School
Carol Bambery, NRA Board Member and General Counsel, IAFWA
Steve Dulan, Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners
David Hardy, Attorney & Former NRA Assistant General Counsel
Linda Brundage, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Craig Whitney, Author of Living with Guns
Jim Townsend, State Representative (Michigan)

Thank you to the Cooley Law Review for putting together such a great symposium and making it open to the public.


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