State Legislative Affairs Briefing: GRPC Part 3 – Episode #157

This episode of the podcast was recorded in Houston Texas at the Gun Rights Policy Conference September 28, 2013.

There are 12 speakers in this episode on the state legislative affairs briefing panel. These are the guys that are on the ground in various states working on pro-rights issues. I think you will find this all very interesting so please listen and share with your friends. If you’re in one of the states that is represented with these 12 speakers make sure you contact them and thank them for attending the conference. You may also want to find out how you can help out.

State Legislative Affairs Briefing I
Sean Caranna, Co-Executive Director,
Frank Jack Fiamingo, President, New Jersey Second Amendment Society
Jim Irvine, President, Buckeye Firearms Association
Andrew Rothman, Vice President, Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance MN
Hon. Sam Slom, Minority Leader Hawaii Senate, trustee of the Second Amendment Foundation
Alice Tripp, Legislative Director, Texas State Rifle Association

State Legislative Affairs Briefing II
Stephen Aldstadt, President, Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE, Inc.) NY
Gene Hoffman, CalGuns Foundation
Hon. Phillip Journey, Vice President, Kansas State Rifle Association
Valinda Rowe, spokesperson, Illinois Carry
Philip Van Cleave, President, Virginia Citizens Defense League
Jim Wallace, Executive Director, Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) MA



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