Visitors Guide to an Anti-Gun Alien Planet: GRPC Part 2 – Episode #156

This episode is part 2 from Gun Rights Policy Conference 2013(GRPC). The audio for this episode was recorded September 28, 2013 at the Marriott Hotel Houston, Texas.

The first thing you’ll hear will be invocation by Rev. Anthony Winfield and then we move on to speakers Joseph Tartaro, Alan Gottlieb, & John Fund.

We will continue to release audio from the conference weekly basis until we have completely released the entire conference. Just as a reminder next year’s GRPC will be held near Chicago Illinois at a O’Hare airport hotel. Please make plans to attend the third week of September 2014. Keep checking back at for more information.

Speakers in This Episode:

    • Invocation—Rev. Anthony Winfield, chaplain, Elmhurst Hospital, New York City
    • The Road Traveled—Joseph P. Tartaro, editor,, president, Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)
    • The Road Ahead—Alan M. Gottlieb, chairman, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms(CCRKBA) and founder, SAF
    • John Fund, Senior Editor, The American Spectator and columnist for National Review Online

Books Mentioned in This Episode:
Journal on Firearms & Public Policy Volume 25 Fall 2013
Dumbing Down the Courts: How Politics Keeps Smart Judges Off the Bench  by John Lott
Emily Gets Her Gun… But Obama Wants to Take Yours




4 thoughts on “Visitors Guide to an Anti-Gun Alien Planet: GRPC Part 2 – Episode #156

  1. Mark,
    Thank you for making the 2013 GRPC available to those of us who could not travel to Texas last month but still believe in personal responsibility and the natural right to self defense. I am besieged here in NY with people who’d rather ignore ugly facts such as the existence of people who would do them and their loved ones harm. They also believe the role of the state is to provide everything for them.
    It is refreshing to hear varied and passionate speakers who can offer me valid and logical arguments to the anti-gun people’s claim that we “must do SOMETHING.”
    Please keep posting these podcasts.

  2. Mark,

    Please keep the GRPC coming…. makes me feel like I’m almost there at the conference myself. One thing I’ve noticed is how listening to a dose of “GRPC” fires me up and energized to take on the likes of Nanny Bloomberg and Diane Frankenfeinstein. The speakers have important words that need to be heard. I’m grateful for your postings, so a big “THANK YOU!” to you and your network.


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