GRPC 2012 Stand your Ground – Laws under Fire – Episode #152

Audio in this episode was recorded live September 29, 2012 at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando Florida. “Stand your Ground” – Laws under Fire panel started at 11:00 AM that morning and there are a total of 2 speakers. Biographical information of each speaker is below. It was supplied to us from the Second Amendment Foundation.

Thanks to Charles Heller from Liberty Watch Radio for supplying us with the audio.

Eric Friday, Esq. (No biographical data available)

Jon H. Gutmacher is a criminal trial attorney who handles primarily firearm, weapon, and self-defense related cases in the Central Florida and Space Coast area. He is a former prosecutor, and police legal advisor. He is also an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, and NRA Certified Refuse to be a Victim Instructor. He was one of the four primary organizers of the 1994 Tallahassee Freedom Rally that helped stop Florida’s assault Jon H. Gutmacherweapons ban. He has appeared numerous times on national and local television on firearm and Second Amendment issues, is the author of the leading book on Florida and Federal firearms, weapons, and self defense laws entitled: “Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership”, has a popular pro-gun blog, is referral counsel for the NRA, and Gun Owners of America, and frequently lectures on firearm and self defense issues to both civilian, professional, and law enforcement groups.


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