GRPC 2012 – Maria Heil NRA Board Member

We are starting a series of audio from the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2012 from Orlando Florida. There is more than 16 hours worth of audio and we will be releasing most of it over the next several weeks to a month.

This first audio is from the panel entitled “The Most Dangerous Election of Our Lifetime” the speaker is Maria Heil, board member and spokesperson, National Rifle Association.

Maria HeilMaria Heil is a member of the NRA board of directors and has been an NRA member for 25 years. She has been a right to keep and bear arms activists since 2000 when she joined Second Amendment Sisters (SAS), which was founded in response to the so-called “Million Mom March.” She served as SAS National Spokesperson for four years supporting Second Amendment rights with appearances on national shows- CBS’ Sunday Morning, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, NRA News’ Cam & Company, John Walsh Show, and Pure Oxygen. Featured as the pro-gun mother and PBS-aired documentary Guns and Mothers. Interviewed by media outlets throughout the United States as well as overseas, she was a contributing editor for “Women & Guns magazine from 2004 to 2007. Active in successful election campaigns for Pro-Second Amendment candidates, she is the local friends of the NRA committee Co-Chair in 2007 and current local FNRA Committee Member.

You can find the audio of my speech at GRRN forum.

Bar Stool Discussion Episode  #152 will have a complete discussion about GRPC 2012 with Doc Wesson from the Gun Nation Podcast and myself.

Schedule for the Bar Stool Discussion Live Shows can be found at our Live Page.

Thank you to Charles Heller from Liberty Watch Radio for making the audio of the conference available to us.


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