Interview with Joshua Falzone – Episode #146

It’s again that time were we do our annual what you can do to help elect pro-government candidates this election season.

So in this episode I have an interview with Indiana NRA Candidate Field Representative Joshua Falzone. Josh was mainly working in two districts in the state of Indiana and they are at opposite ends of the state. The travel time between the southern district and the northern district that he is working in is about five hours. So you can imagine he spending a lot of time in his car. But we’re very happy that he was able to take some time this Sunday ( July 22, 2012) two talk to us about how you could not only help Indiana if you live here. But also how you can get in contact with the right people in your state so that you could volunteer to help elect pro-Second Amendment candidates in your state.

One very good place to start to find out who you need to talk to about volunteering with the NRA is to go over to the NRA–ILA website and look up who is your election volunteer coordinator in your district. Make sure you give them a call or e-mail them to schedule some time when it’s convenient for you to volunteer.

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