Indiana Dick Lugar out after 35 Years – Episode #145

After 35 years in the U.S. Senate Dick Lugar has been defeated by the good freedom loving citizens of Indiana.  On May 8, 2012 the anti-gun movement in the Senate has been sent a major blow by having one of their long time RINO Republican senators losing his primary against an “A” rated and NRA backed candidate.

Indiana Senate Lugar Retire

Toppling over such a long time  politician doesn’t happen very often.  After working for the last 20 years to do what happened on May 8 I always wondered whether it would ever happen.  I’d always thought that he’d probably leave office either by choice or by death.  Never thought he’d stick around so long that he’d finally be defeated.

This means now we have a much better chance of passing good legislation and keeping out the unwanted compromise that a RINO  like Dick Lugar would always do.  I’d much rather see legislation not passed then have to compromise our freedoms and values.

Hope you enjoy this episode but please also take a look at all the links below you will find some very good articles and discussions about the loss of Dick Lugar in the United States Senate

NRA Lugar F


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