Starbucks Buycott – Episode #143

Wow, it’s been since September 2011 since I released an episode of this podcast. Well I’ve been very busy with GRRN and normally talk about a lot of gun rights advocacy topics on the LIVE Bar Stool Discussion on a biweekly basis. So sometimes it gives me very little talk about here.

Not this week because the Valentine’s Day buycott of Starbucks has given me reason to do a new episode. So listen to the show and please send in your audio feedback. I’d like to use your feedback in the next episode so that we can have a debate.


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Starbucks in the crosshairs

Buy latte, pack gun: Starbucks hit with boycott — and ‘buycott’

Anti-Gun Group Begins “Brew Not Bullets” Starbucks Boycott



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