2010 Chicago Freedom Rally – Episode #132

NOTE: Only place you can find the complete audio of 2010 Chicago Second Amendment Freedom Rally

The Second Amendment Freedom Rally 2010 was again in downtown Chicago right across from Mayor Daley’s office. Again this year Mayor Daley chose not to be in his office the day of the rally, but we are sure that his staff heard us loud and clear.

I spent quite a bit of time to bring you the audio from the rally and some money and I would appreciate your comments about the coverage. So please leave me comments here or send me a direct e-mail from the contact page. I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you to my friend Bill Stanczyk for again driving all away to Chicago with me to attend the rally. It definitely helped me from being bored on the two-hour drive each way.

Special thanks to the sponsors of the rally Illinois State Rifle Association and IllinoisCarry.com

Speaker list:

Mike Weisman

Richard Pearson

Gerald Vernon

Dr, Paula Bratich

Charles Butler

Patricia L. Hill

Shawn Gowder

Rep. Deborah Halvorson

Four Plaintiffs and Attorney: David Lawson, Colleen Lawson, Adam Orlov, Otis McDonald & Attorney David Sigale

Frederick Collins

Valinda Rowe


Frederick Collins for Cook County Sheriff

Debbie Halvorson for Congress

William J. Lee for US Senate 2014

Chicago at the 2010 Second Amendment Freedom Rally

Photographer: Bill Stanczyk

Bill & Mark Vanderberg

Photographer: Bill Stanczyk

Mark Vanderberg & Frederick Collins

Photographer: Bill Stanczyk

Mark Vanderberg & Otis McDonald

Photographer: Bill Stanczyk

Valinda Rowe & Otis McDonald

Photographer: Bill Stanczyk

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