Interview with Valinda Rowe – Episode #121

Second Amendment Freedom Rally is this Friday June 26, 2009 and I am looking forward to it very much. As most of you know Chicago is my birthplace and every chance I can get to return and help the citizens of Chicago bring awareness to their loss of freedoms, I’ll be there.

TO: Mark

From: Valinda Rowe

Thank you so much for the interview! It really was a pleasure to talk with you.

I didn’t get around to mentioning all of our speakers but if you need to know who they are:

Featured speakerRalph W. Conner – CORE-Chicago
Richard Pearson – Ex. Dir. Illinois State Rifle Association
Mike Weisman – 1st Vice President Illinois State Rifle Association
Valinda Rowe – spokesperson and SAFR coordinator
Sean Horton – Militant Markman Podcaster fame
Laura Anderson – Allied Illinois Markswomen
Paula Bratich – Second Amendment Sisters
Mick Paskiewicz – IL chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
Olivia Snow/Christos Dimoulis (duh-moo-lis) High School students
Father Thomas Janikowski – Knox County Rifleman, Priests and Patriots


Second Amendment Freedom Rally

Small Talk: Second Amendment Freedom Rally by Don Bekeleski

2009 Gun Rights Policy Conference St. Louis Missouri September 25 26th and 27th


Protesting Gun BuyBacks – Episode #120

June 13 2009 St. Joseph County, Indiana conducted 3 gun buybacks and I was there at one of the locations to protest the gun amnesty program being conducted. Listen to the podcast for all the reasons why I was there and the media interviews that were done with me prior to the buyback.

Clay, Harry & Larry Thanks for all you help at the Buyback. Standing in the rain stick it out until the gun buyback closed.


Liberals Like Guns – Episode #119

Thanks to Gail from the Pro-Arms podcast for the content she gave me for this episode. I also have some clips from Girl600s show about liberals liking guns.



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