Official NRA Podcast Available – Episode #117

The National Rifle Association has finally decided to podcast Cam Edwards NRA News. This is something that I have been asking them to do for many years and I know a lot of you also have been requesting it.

I still have the website domain that I will probably use to help explain to new listeners how to subscribe to their podcast.

Over last couple of days I have listened to about 9 hours of the NRA podcast and I’m enjoying it quite a bit, because now I do not have to stay up till midnight to hear the entire show. Hopefully all of you will find enough value in listening to the Gun Rights Radio Network and NRA’s new podcast and keep contributing to both.



Black Rifle Radio

NRA Podcast



5 thoughts on “Official NRA Podcast Available – Episode #117

  1. Mark,
    First off thanks for your podcast, listen to it all the time. I am so glad that the NRA finally allowed the NRA news program to be podcast. I cant wait for the new site, I looked around and I dont see any preview links to it, do you happen to have the URL or to the Podcast rss?


    NRA-Life Member, RSO
    Member ARPC, TopGun, IDPA (RO), USPSA, GSSF
    Certified Instructor, Armorer, Engineer,& Professional

  2. The preview site was taken down right before the annual meeting and should be available soon to the general public. Podcast RSS it is also no longer working, I can imagine it probably will be changing once they post the permanent site. Keep checking for updates.

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