Pistol Packing Preacher Blog – Episode #113

Thank you to all of you who have signed up to become a NRA life members, we have now sent out over $13,000 to the National Rifle Association for the special NRA life memberships that will end March 31, 2009


Pistol Packing Preacher Blog

$300 NRA Life Membership -if you need a sponsor

Already a life member and would like to sign someone else for the special deal that ends March 31, 2009. Use the following link to do that.

NRA Validate



One thought on “Pistol Packing Preacher Blog – Episode #113

  1. I just found your podcast and love it! Man, I wish I’d found you a few days ago. I would have definitely signed up for the $300.00 NRA life membership offer. I instead just signed up for a year. I’ll sign up on your next promotion for sure! Great podcast.


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