Interview with Charles Heller – Episode #111

In this episode I interview Charles Heller from Liberty Watch Radio and Jason Clark from Clark custom Knives.
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Charles Heller, Eric, Tony, and the GRPC

Clark Custom Knives; Handmade knives by: Jason Clark

2009 NRA Director candidate questionnaire

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Grassroots Army – Episode #110

Interview with Greg Block about Orange County, California sheriff revoking CCW permits. You would think this would be a story about right to carry. It is not, its about a grassroots activism from the local gun owners with only support from the national groups.


Ordinary California Citizens Concerned With Safety

The California Firearms Enthusiast’s Home On The Internet

Orange County is a county in Southern California

Second Amendment Activists Centers

How to Talk to People About the Upcoming “Assault Weapons” Ban

Million Gun Owner March on Washington DC – Spring 2010

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