Denied Rights – Episode #108

To Whom It May Concern:


This is a big issue to me and I need help fixing it ASAP, it has been way too long already. I have been trying to get it fixed for about a dozen years, to no avail. I have written & called numerous people & agencies. I have contacted several of you before & I am continuously given NO ANSWERS, given steps to resolves this, that leads to dead ends. I have spent many hours & several dollars doing every step that I have been advised to follow. Nothing! I have gotten nowhere.

I am being denied my 2nd Amendment rights! I have always been an avid shooter since childhood. At the age of 18, I joined the U.S. Army and was in charge of many weapons including various assault rifles, light machineguns, grenade launchers, anti-tank weapons & several other weapons during my almost 6-year tenure. I even achieved an expert marksmanship badge. I had a security clearance while I was in the military.

I currently receive jury notices & I have voted in major elections over the years. I am a fully disabled person of average stature that lives by myself in a neighborhood that is becoming increasingly worse (about  a mile from the county jail). I would be a fairly easy target for criminals. I would like to purchase a firearm for personal defense in my home, but I am denied by NICS.

When I was 16 years old; I was arrested in possession of what I called a firework, but it was deemed by the authorities; a destructive device. I was held in the juvenile hall for around 10 days. I went to court and was released to my uncles care and given probation until the age of 18. I NEVER violated the terms of my probations and was released from probation when I became 18. During the process of enlisting in the Army back in 1995/1996, I had to go down to the L.A. County Juvenile facility with the recruiter to have my record expunged, I was told that I would not be able to obtain a security clearance without first doing that. That was the last I had heard of the issue for several years.

In 1999, I was had a NICS check performed while attempting to purchase a firearm in Fayetteville, NC. I went through the appeal process that I was given by the vendor in a pamphlet; I had to submit a fingerprint card that I had to get completed at the military police station. I had to send in a processing fee to the FBI. After several letters and phone calls to the FBI; I was given a response that had told me that I needed to contact the originating department (L.A. County Juvenile Court). I did so immediately and NOTHING came of it, I did not even receive a response after sending 2 letters (checking the address after the first one to make sure I had sent the first letter to the correct address).

I had gotten caught up with other things in my life and did not further pursue it. On August 29, 2004 I suffered a brain aneurysm that resulted in me spending a few months in the hospital, fighting for my life. After my aneurysm, I was left disabled & living with my father. I knew that before long, I would be living on my own; so, again I tried to resolve the whole not being allowed to buy a gun issue. I contacted the L.A. Juvenile Court again (multiple times). I was sent paper work to fill out that was just about identical to the paperwork I had to fill out when joining the Army. Talking with them on the phone led to several very heated conversations, as they are absolutely clueless and do not respect the right guaranteed to U.S. Citizens at all! I once again filled out the paperwork as best as I could and sent it in. NOTHING! I have been busy the last few years with school (which I got on the Deans List & won a scholarship for my good grades) & physical rehabilitation.

The area in which I reside has been getting worse and once again I began trying to resolve this. NICS finally reluctantly admitted that the hold up was with L.A. County Juvenile Court. Once again, I called them. At first I was given the run around & then spoke with a lady that told me that I was given a court date in 2006 and since I did not show up, it was denied. It told her that I had never received notice of the court date- she basically called me a liar by saying that I was incorrect; one WAS sent. I knew that the conversation would soon go sour, this is a VERY important issue and I would NOT overlook a letter with news of a chance at FINALLY clearing this up so I just asked what I needed to do to fix this? She said she would mail me the paperwork to have my records sealed.

I received the paperwork from L.A. County Juvenile court today. It is the same form I have filled out twice before. It has a place to list the charges, dates & disposition. The charges were given to me almost 15 years ago; I do not have that information any longer! How was I even in the military & given a security clearance if this was not cleared up already? Also, I noticed that the court hearing was to be held at the Eastlake courthouse in downtown L.A. I AM FULLY DISABLED; THE STATE TOOK MY DRIVERS LICENSE, MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS WORK- HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THERE? So, I asked if my case could be heard out here in Ventura County.

That was months ago and I have not heard any response. It seems like I keep hitting brick walls. As anti-gun as most people in California are becoming; it seems as though this issue is not important to anyone but me. The media will have a hay-day with this if my house gets robbed & I am injured or killed and it comes into light that the very government that I gave up so much to defend is denying me the right to protect myself from such an event.

I am corresponding with Congressman Elton Galleglys staff, but I have been doing so for several months and keep getting no results, they cannot even tell me WHY I am being denied!

Please help me with this issue! I do not know where to go from here to have this corrected! Thank you in advance for your efforts!


Larry Charles. Carlin


4 thoughts on “Denied Rights – Episode #108

  1. Have you contacted the NRA? I am sure they can help, at least answer your questions and get you a local contact.

    If your record was expunged before joining the Army you should be good to go. I think you’re just being jerked around by the CA anti-gun machine.

    Good luck.

  2. My only thought is that he does not mention the designation on his DD214 – regarding discharge status from the military. Is there a chance he either recieved a dishonorable discharge from the service, or that his DD214 has wrongly denoted he recieved a dishonorable discharge, that could be the reason he is not able to get clearance to purchase a firearm.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! It was under completely honorable conditions. Almost 6-years of outstanding service (a Good Conduct Medal, Army Achievement Medal, a couple Certs. of Achievement, etc.). I am offended that someone would even suggest that or think that I was dumb enough to overlook that fact! That is plain common sense, a person would have to be a complete MORON to forget to think of that major disqualifying event!

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