Welcome Home George – Episode #096


The last 15 months George a listener of the podcast has been serving our country in Iraq and is now back home safely. I would just like to thank George for his service to our country from all of us and I’m sure the sacrifices his family had to make while he was gone.

I recently came across a podcast that does reviews of other podcasts. I thought what an excellent idea someplace where you can kind of get some feedback and maybe some new podcasts you’d like to listen to. And then I found out that they actually did a review of this podcast. They mixed up myself and Matt Caron but that was all right I understood who they were talking about. If you would like to listen to their review of the podcast or any other reviews they may have. I will provide the link below. In there or show 37 about 15 minutes 30 seconds in is the review of this podcast. Please contact them and let them know what you think.


A Review of the Gun Rights Advocates Podcast

Gun Rights Radio Network

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The New Gun Review Podcast

2008 Gun Rights Policy Conference


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