Call to Action: Help Needed in Mishawaka, IN – Episode #095

The following letter was written by Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots


This letter is for everyone who’s had it up to their eyebrows of being treated like third world gangsters because they are upstanding citizens with a handgun license.

I just got two calls from Indiana State Rep. Jackie Walorski about the city council of Mishawaka, Indiana preparing to implement a gun ban from city buildings. They’re using the South Bend attempted ordinance.

Mishawaka Mayor Jeff Rea, (phone 574-258-1601) just told Jackie that if opponents want a fight, a fight they’ll get. Well Mayor Rea I will do all I can to accommodate you. CALL HIM TODAY, TOMORROW, AND THE NEXT DAY.

He’s a Republican mayor who has teamed up with the Democrat council to rub this in our nose. He said he’s tired of people trying to tell him how to run “his” city.

Well Mayor Rea, I’ll bet you never turn down any federal or state funds that comes with strings that will make you dance like a marionette. How about it Mayor Rea, do you tell the feds and state money people you don’t want someone telling you how to run your city?

His claim is that they had a couple of people with a handgun license come into the city office building and made some remarks that they had a gun. Supposedly, they’ve intimated some of the workers there.

Well, instead of dealing with those idiots the mayor and city council displaying their equal level of idiocy are going to clamp down on the honest law abiding citizens.

Kind of like the teacher who punishes the whole class for the one disruptive student. I guess in Mishawaka if someone runs a red light in town everyone who has a drivers license gets a ticket, too. The second call to make is to the city attorney Cory Hemmil, (574-258-1702). He’s behind this hot and heavy, too.

This coming Monday will be the second reading of this governmental attack on the Constitution in Mishawaka.

I’m hoping that since the story by Jeff Knox in ShotGun News about what South Bend tried and is now national news because of that publications circulation we can put Mishawaka on the map.

I want the name Mishawaka, Indiana to be on the same roll call as Chicago, D.C. San Francisco, New York and all the rest of the cities that don’t recognize the Constitution.

Since this is a Republican mayor, I’d hope that the Republican party can tap this turncoat on the shoulder and explain to him why Republicans are taking a hit at the polls.

If we want gun control Democrats for mayors, we’ll vote for a Democrat. Now come on everyone make those calls. I don’t care where you live. I don’t care what state you live in. I want Mishawaka, Indiana and their mayor, city attorney and council members center stage.

If you practice your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms don’t go to northern Indiana. Take you tourist money somewhere else. They don’t like you….we don’t like them!!

CALL ‘EM Then write and tell me you CALLED ‘EM. Rep. Jackie Walorski needs our help. Thanks,

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