City Gun Ban – Episode #089



South Bend gun ordinance postponed for more study, FOP has concerns about making all city property off limits, even to off-duty cops.

South Bend Indiana Mayor and City Council has proposed a gun ban for all law-abiding citizens on city property. We don’t feel legally that they have the authority to do this but we have to fight it. If you would like to help flood the meeting, expressing your concern for such an ordinance please attend the meeting June 23, 2008 at 7 p.m. at the following address.

County City Building

227 W. Jefferson Blvd., 3th Floor
South Bend, Indiana 46601



Ordinance could ban guns on all South Bend city property

A gun ban?

Man shot near East Race fighting off a bike theft attempt

City of South Bend Web Site

Chamber Of Commerce 574-234-0051
South Bend City Council:
1st District Derek Dieter Home 574-243-5657 Cell 574-532-2200
2nd District Henry Davis Jr. Voice 574-235-5983
3rd District Thomas Lafountain Home 574-289-9862 Voice 574-235-5981
4th District Ann Puzzello Home 574-234-1834 Voice 574-235-5978
5th District David Varner Home 574-291-1798 Office 574-291-8022
6th District Oliver Davis Home 574-288-4623 Voice 574-235-5986
At Large (President) Timothy Rouse Home 574-233-4049 Voice 574-232-6872
At Large Al Kirsits Home 574-287-6529 Voice 574-235-5980
At Large Karen White Home 574-289-5765 Voice 574-235-5985

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