Cam & Company from Louisville, Kentucky – NRA Annual Meeting

[ad#new-ads] May 15, 2008 Cam Edwards the host of Cam & Company did a live show from the empty exhibit hall in Louisville, Kentucky where the NRA’s annual meeting will be held. This recording is about three hours long, I do hope you enjoy.

I have many more hours of very inspiring recordings from the NRA annual meeting and will be releasing them in the future. Please remember to support the NRA by either joining up a new member, renewing your membership or signing up for life membership. You can do all that right here from the website. Just click on the banner on the lower right hand side to join.


5 thoughts on “Cam & Company from Louisville, Kentucky – NRA Annual Meeting

  1. Dear Cam, I just want to tell you that I enjoy your broadcast. My husband & I are NRA members and shoot regularly. We belong to a local SASS group which we thoughly enjoy.Ive also had a frighting scare some years ago, my husband had been on a weekend national guard trip to FIG with my brother in law.. My sister & I both had 3 children each and came home to find two men robbing me, I got a pump shotgun out of our safe & racked the slide this was enough for the two men to flee, I really dont know what the outcome would have been . Every american has a right to defend themselves if the need arises. And our second amendment right should not be fringed upon.

  2. I am blessed by living in one of the greatest countys in the nation,Elkhart Indiana we have sheriff Brad Rogers protecting our intrest.After loosing to KING OBAMA ruler of the world savior of mankind i thought all was lost.But i feel so much more safe knowing Brad and his Deputy,s are here for us.We as Elkhart county tax payers promis to be here for him & his men at a moments notice.

  3. I do not understand how these minority groups (tree huggers) can control what the rest of us can own or not own..obama finally got a few people to pay attention to his lying,word twisting,sneeking,ways to go on a “hunt” to take away our “right to keep and bear arms”. impeach the worm…… deal with a bad guy with a gun,we need good guys with guns the very first murder on earth,a rock was used!! obama,lets ban rocks..(moron) Ron

  4. Dear Cam Edwards. I just want to say we the people need more ammo factory’s. I work in a gun store and let me tell you. If we had a factory in Pa ammo factory,we not only wood help in ploy more people and creat jobs,it wood make a lot of money. Just a though. A good thought. But right now I am warring that it may take one year to get back to normel. That is scary to have that thought. You can buy a gun but you can not buy ammo. So on that thought. I have to go sell a gun. Yours truly. Deano Capristo. Pittsburgh,pa. KEEP GUNS ALIVE.

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