Remembering Charlton Heston – NRA News 04-07-08

This was recorded from Cam & Co. on April 7, 2008. Because NRA News does not produce a podcast of their shows, I personally thought it was very important for as many people to listen to this episode to help remember of the man that helped inspire so many people to join and get involved in the NRA. Personally he did help inspire me to do everything that I have been doing and I still have one of the bumper stickers that says “My President is Charlton Heston“.

If you would like to keep his memory alive, one of his goals was to make the NRA the largest and most powerful organization that is protecting our Second Amendment rights. Please consider signing up every family member in your house along with your friends. Help make Charlton Heston’s dream become a reality. Right now with approximately 4 million members I know that if everybody joined up the few people we could easily hit 6 or 8 million by the end of the year.

Look to the right hand column you’ll see a join the NRA logo if you use this logo to join the NRA you will save $10 on every membership. Also there is a membership available that does not include a magazine for $10. Please help make his dream a reality and join up as many members as you can. Also the real important thing would be joining up junior members, because they are the future.


2 thoughts on “Remembering Charlton Heston – NRA News 04-07-08

  1. every once in awhile, we need a friendly slap to the forehead. This show reminded me of something I forgot. You’ll hear what I mean on the next episode of The Urban Shooter Podcast. Mr. Heston was one of the finest men I have ever met and the best speakers I have ever heard. Thanks Mark. I would have never heard this show if you hadn’t played it.

  2. Thank you so much for delivering this to us, Mark. Charlton Heston was a true patriot, larger-than-life, and a hero for freedom. I will treasure this on my iPod and play it often to remember such a wonderful and decent human being. I personally believe that Heston almost single-handedly saved the Second Amendment and the NRA in the 90s.

    People, we need to carry on the message of freedom. Join the NRA, give away NRA memberships, stand up for what’s right where ever you find yourself. This is how we can honor a man who gave up so much for all of us.

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