Guest Host: X2 – Episode #080


Doc & Matt are the co-guest hosts in this episode. Also we have a voice mail talking about seeing someone do a straw purchase. Straw purchases are against federal law and if you ever see one yourself you should report it. Most of the time the only reason a person is doing a straw purchase is because it would be illegal for him to normally purchase a firearm on his own. So if you do not report it, makes the rest of us look like criminals.


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One thought on “Guest Host: X2 – Episode #080

  1. I am a strict Constitutionalist and as such, it is my firm belief that “straw purchases” are completely legal since any prohibition against them obviously violates the “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” clause of the 2nd Amendment. As far as I’m concerned, the GCA of 1968 is completely unconstitutional and therefore the “straw purchases” that are provision of the GCA-68 are complete legal. The GCA-68 is just one more step down that slippery slope towards total repeal of the 2nd Amendment that the socialists are working towards. Of course, I also believe that the NFA of 1934 is also completely unconstitutional. We do not need to be coming up with more laws, we need to be getting rid of many of the ones that we already have. 50 years ago, we had a lot less laws and a lot less crime. Obviously, the increase in the number of laws is not the answer.

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