Guest Host: X2 – Episode #080


Doc & Matt are the co-guest hosts in this episode. Also we have a voice mail talking about seeing someone do a straw purchase. Straw purchases are against federal law and if you ever see one yourself you should report it. Most of the time the only reason a person is doing a straw purchase is because it would be illegal for him to normally purchase a firearm on his own. So if you do not report it, makes the rest of us look like criminals.


Friends Of Calibers

The Shot Show

Suspects’ probation oversight questioned


First Look: Supreme Court Heller Case Oral Arguments – Episode #079

As most of you already know the Supreme Court had oral arguments on Wednesday, March 18 on the DC v. Heller case. I posted the audio that was recorded in the courtroom the evening of March 18 and we have already had 5,500 downloads in the first two days. What we are going to do in this episode is have a conversation with Dustin from Dustin’s Gun Blog.


D.C. v. Heller Oral Arguments Audio – Episode #078

I recorded this audio in real time from an audio stream from the Internet. There may be some times where the audio is a little hard to hear what it is they almost in its entirety. I lost the stream at the very end. So it is missing about six minutes of which I do not think would’ve been very important. Please remember to send me your voicemail comments. Please call 574-203-0802 and I will do an episode with all of your opinions of this audio file.


Transcript of DC v. Heller Oral Arguments (PDF format)

In Second Amendment Case, High Court Majority Appears to Support Individual Right to Own Guns

Supreme Court handguns case is ‘hottest ticket in town’

Justices Agree on Right to Own Guns