Matt Caron’s Audio Letter – Episode #074

Matt Caron submitted an audio letter that takes me to task on some issues. I have replied to those issues in this episode but if you would like to listen to Matt’s audio letter without my comments you can download it from the website.


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5 thoughts on “Matt Caron’s Audio Letter – Episode #074

  1. Hi Mark,

    I have to say, as I have mentioned before, I love the podcast. Some quick feedback today though, I really disliked the format of your last release. I loved Matt Caron’s work on the DC gun ban case but I found the broken nature of the episode really annoying to follow. With future audio letters, it would be great in my opinion if you played the letter in its entirety before replying. I understand you posted the whole letter as well but to be honest, after listening to the unstructured debate that was the podcast this week, I doubt I will be listening to it. In summary, it was a frustrating listen.

    As an aside though some interesting points were mentioned. I would be careful about voting for “the lesser of two evils” as this reinforces the idea that a candidate can run for and win the nomination without necessarily being a strong advocate of gun rights. Do this a few times and you end up with the situation Australian gun owners are in, neither candidate so much as mentions their position on gun ownership and will give you some general stock response if you send them a letter. You will be guessing as to who supports what…

    All the best mate,

  2. Aside from the fact McCain is anti-gun, my being very free marketeer (libertarian), I also can’t in good conscience support John McCain. He is as much a Republican as Arnold Schwartzenegger is and I see every day where that is getting gun owners here in California. Matt is coming from the same place I am, freedom is my one issue. To maintain my principals it looks like I will once again be voting third party. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a few pieces for the checkmate.

  3. My viewpoint is vote for the best man or woman for the job during the primary (ie any of those who best defend gun rights). During the Presidential election once again vote for the best man or woman for the job who has half a chance at winning. Only half a chance is required, say support of 1/3rd of the voting public. In the 2008 election unless something major happens, the choice will be between either Hillary or Obama, and McCain.

    Yes McCain is anti gun in a few areas such as his support of making it illegal for private citizens to sell firearms at gun shows, and his support for mandatory “free” gun locks from manufacturers, but he does NOT support banning so-called “assault weapons” like our current President & both Democrats, & does not want to ban all semi automatic weapons like Obama. He also is not in favor of national gun registration of handguns like Hillary.

    The key is to get the best President we can, and also to vote for pro-gun officials in the House & Senate so that nothing anti gun ever even makes it to the Presidents desk for signature.

  4. does any body out there have hav the nra web site ? so i can contact them.
    I live in oregon am 7o yrs old. I use to hunt but am disabled now but I still support the second amedment . can sombody please send me the nra web site THANK YOU ken

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