Guest Host: More Hosts Needed – Episode #073

The Gun Rights Advocates Podcast welcomes listener participation on the guest host episodes. You’re more than welcome to submit audio of your own detailing your experiences as a gun rights advocate or any other ideas that you think would help motivate other individuals and helping support our Second Amendment rights.

Getting comfortable as a guest host for the podcast would also help you in the future in creating a podcast of your own wish I could always help with any technical questions you would have in such an endeavor.

If you are interested in submitting audio for the guest host episodes please submit all audio by Wednesday before the guest host episode. Below are some links that will help you with how to record audio for the podcast. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me from the contacts page at any time. I will also include some links that will help you if you decide you would like to create a podcast of your own.


Submitting audio for the Podcast

Podbean – Free Podcast Hosting

Pod Safe Audio!

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