Guest Host: Taurus PT-1911 Review – Episode #075

Matthew gives us a review of his new Taurus PT-1911 and I discuss gun free zones a little bit along with the newly available Gun Rights Advocates T-shirt that can be ordered from this website. And also please remember to vote for us over at Podcast Alley and leave a comment at iTunes if you feel like it.

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The O’Reilly Factor…Friday, February 15, 2008

‘Gun-Free Zones’ By DAVID B. KOPEL

Columbine To Va. Tech To NIU: Gun-Free Zones Or Killing Fields? BY JOHN R. LOTT JR.

Gun-free zones don’t offer security

LETTER ‘Gun-free zones’ are inviting to shooters


Matt Caron’s Audio Letter – Episode #074

Matt Caron submitted an audio letter that takes me to task on some issues. I have replied to those issues in this episode but if you would like to listen to Matt’s audio letter without my comments you can download it from the website.


Reformed LiveJournal Gun Control community

The post where the founder changed his mind

Dusting Gun Blog

Unbelievable – Attempt at Ammunition Ban in Arizona!



Guest Host: More Hosts Needed – Episode #073

The Gun Rights Advocates Podcast welcomes listener participation on the guest host episodes. You’re more than welcome to submit audio of your own detailing your experiences as a gun rights advocate or any other ideas that you think would help motivate other individuals and helping support our Second Amendment rights.

Getting comfortable as a guest host for the podcast would also help you in the future in creating a podcast of your own wish I could always help with any technical questions you would have in such an endeavor.

If you are interested in submitting audio for the guest host episodes please submit all audio by Wednesday before the guest host episode. Below are some links that will help you with how to record audio for the podcast. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me from the contacts page at any time. I will also include some links that will help you if you decide you would like to create a podcast of your own.


Submitting audio for the Podcast

Podbean – Free Podcast Hosting

Pod Safe Audio!

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John McCain… Support or Not – Episode #072

John McCain appears to be the candidate that will be nominated at the Republican convention. We discuss in this podcast whether supporters of the Second Amendment should support John McCain or not. We also discuss the candidates on the other side of the Second Amendment issue. This is an episode that every freedom loving, Second Amendment supporting, gun owner should listen to.

In future episodes of this podcast will will be discussing ways that you can get involved to help us better have a more stable House and Senate that will be able to protect our Second Amendment rights no matter who is elected as president.


Illegal Gun Question from NV Democratic Presidential Debate

Sportsmen for Barack Obama

John McCain’s views on the Second Amendment from his presidential 2008 website

McCain Is a No Show on Guns

National Shooting Sports Foundation profile of John McCain

John McCain vs. Gun Rights and Second Amendment

John McCain on Gun Control

GOA On John McCain’s Record

Two Thumbs Down for McCain’s Gun Control Ad