It’s Not About GUNS – Episode #070


In this episode, Mark and myself talk about the upcoming presidential election, and some restrictions on what you can use for self-defense and various other things.


My Gun News Page – Try It

In Search of the Second Amendment

Video clip on YouTube from David Hardy

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus



2 thoughts on “It’s Not About GUNS – Episode #070

  1. Mark and Mark are eloquent speakers, and very bright too! This could be the best of all 70 pod casts! All in jest of course…Mark, I had fun doing this with you. If it is at all well received, I wouldn’t mind doing it again some time. Next time I’ll have to do my homework and be better prepared. Hopefully the listeners thought it was okay.

  2. Hey mark this is michael garcia. I live in Jacksonville fl. I just want to say that your pod cast along with the other ones you are affiliated with have been a great source of information for me. I just bought my berreta 9000 and will soon have my carry permit. although I will still be prohibited in half the places I go to namely the University of North Fl and the hospital I work at. I appreciate all that you do. keep up the hard work

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