Guest Host: Liberal Gun Ownership – Episode #067

Hopefully everyone had a Happy New Year. We should have many many things to talk about in this new year including the Supreme Court case DC vs. Heller and of course the candidates for the 2008 presidential elections.


The Liberal Case for Gun Ownership

Know Where Your Candidate Stands

NRA 2008 Annual Meetings & Exhibits!

CPAC 2008

Interview with David E. Young, Author – Episode #062



One thought on “Guest Host: Liberal Gun Ownership – Episode #067

  1. Awesome podcast. I have an hour commute, so I always look forward to my commute so I can catch up on my podcasts.

    The reading of the blog post was awe-inspiring. It actually brought tears to my eyes at one point.

    Oh… and I don’t think the intro is too long. I actually like it.

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