Last NRA News of 2007 – Episode #066


I recorded NRA News December 28, 2007 which was the last live show for them for 2007. If you enjoy Cam Edwards on NRA News and would like to hear more of it as a Podcast. Please contact Cam Edwards @ and tell them you would like to have their show Podcasted.




One thought on “Last NRA News of 2007 – Episode #066

  1. I’ve enjoyed listening to this particular show. I’d feel more comfortable if you had left the commercials in, tho. The people who produce the show might get ticked off that you’re rebroadcasting it w/o permission and without commercials. (I am making the assumption that you didn’t get permission) Does make me wish I had anything else I wanted to listen to on satellite radio. Gresham’s Gun talk has been rebroadcast as a podcast for a while now and that’s how I listen to him. It would be a great idea for Cam.

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