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Academics for the Second Amendment


Dear Mark,

In your 11-30 podcast you mentioned the need to support groups (with
our dollars) who were preparing friend of the court briefs in the Heller case.

Here is a group that deserves our support. It is called Academics for
the Second Amendment and is composed of law school professors,
history professors, etc. who believe that the Second Amendment
preserves an individual right to keep and bear arms. They are a
501(c)3 not-for-profit which means contributions made to them will be
tax deductible.

They are putting together a brief to be written by David Hardy and
Joseph Olson with historical research by Clayton Cramer. Go to their
website at to see
exactly how they plan their brief.

This group had a friend of the court brief back in the Emerson case
in 1999. They are not some Johnny come lately’s to the Second
Amendment (unlike some Presidential candidates who shall go
nameless). The costs of putting together a brief like this runs into
the tens of thousands of dollars.

I hope you can mention this group in your next podcast as well as put
up a link on your website. I’ve given them a donation and will be
giving more in the next few weeks.

All the best,

John, Waynesville NC


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