Questions to ask candidates:


Below is a list of questions, I think Federal and State candidates for office should be asked about our Second Amendment rights. I would be very interested in hearing any additional questions you think should be added to this list. To add to this list do so by adding a comment. And we will discuss this in an upcoming episode of the Podcast.

1. Do you oppose “one-gun-a-month” laws that limit purchases of firearms by law-abiding citizens?

2. Do you support preemption legislation that would totally prohibit localities from placing limitations on the rights of citizens to purchase, possess, or carry firearms?

3. Would you oppose legislation mandating “no-safety” zones designed to ban concealed carry or self-defense?

4. Would you oppose legislation requiring that firearms purchased by private citizens be registered with law enforcement and tracked by a centralized record system administered by government agencies?

5. Do you oppose legislation banning the manufacture, sale or possession of semi-automatic firearms?

6. Do you oppose legislation banning the manufacture, sale or possession of large-capacity magazines?

7. Do you oppose laws that would take away the rights of 18-20 year-olds to possess a firearm?

8. Do you oppose laws that allow persons who are shot by a properly working firearm to sue firearms manufacturers and/or firearms sellers (strict liability)?

9. Do you oppose laws that would ban the sale of a privately owned firearm at a gun show unless the buyer submits to a background check?

10. Do you oppose government licensing to buy a gun?

11. Do you oppose computerized “instant” background check systems?

12. Do you oppose government mandated use of trigger locks or other locked storage requirements?

13. Would you oppose legislation that bans firearms ownership due to simple misdemeanors?

14. Would you support Vermont-style legislation that would eliminate all requirements to pay fees and register gun owners and simply allow law-abiding citizens to carry firearms openly or concealed (at the individual’s discretion) for any reason except for the commission of a crime?

15. Do you oppose banning the private ownership of .50 caliber rifles?


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