Guest Host: DC Circuit Court Decision (Part 4) – Episode #058

The other day, I just received the Microsoft Zune media player (MP3, pictures, video, & FM receiver) that I ordered from for $99.99. It is the first-generation player and it is brown, , but I am enjoying it very much. November 13 the second-generation Zune comes out and I have one on order also. If you’re looking for an inexpensive media player that holds 30 GB of media. You may want to consider buying the first-generation, because I understand that when the second generation player is released the new software will be available for the first-generation. This means you will get a lot of the new features minus any hardware changes. One thing that sounds pretty neat I understand is you will be able to transfer your media to your Zune using your WiFi.



One thought on “Guest Host: DC Circuit Court Decision (Part 4) – Episode #058

  1. I just got a Zune about 2 weeks ago as well. I love it. I load it up with my music and podcasts and I can listen to all my favorite shows and songs.

    I love the show by the way, even though I don’t listen as promptly as I would hope to.

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