Teamwork – Episode #060

I am still using audio from the gun rights policy conference 2007. So in this episode, you will hear a couple interviews from the conference with Jim Tomes from the 2nd Amendment Patriots and Jackie Walorski Indiana State Representative.


Jackie Warorski HomePage

Her State Page

Jackie Walorski From Wikipedia

Jackie Blog

We all have more clout and more power than we believe…

2nd Amendment Legislation Signed by Governor


Guest Host: DC Circuit Court Decision (Part 4) – Episode #058

The other day, I just received the Microsoft Zune media player (MP3, pictures, video, & FM receiver) that I ordered from for $99.99. It is the first-generation player and it is brown, , but I am enjoying it very much. November 13 the second-generation Zune comes out and I have one on order also. If you’re looking for an inexpensive media player that holds 30 GB of media. You may want to consider buying the first-generation, because I understand that when the second generation player is released the new software will be available for the first-generation. This means you will get a lot of the new features minus any hardware changes. One thing that sounds pretty neat I understand is you will be able to transfer your media to your Zune using your WiFi.



Second Amendment Foundation – Episode #057

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Audio recordings of the 2007 Gun Rights Policy Conference

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Books List:

  • The Rights Of Gun Owners By Alan M. Gottlieb
  • Gun Rights Fact Book By Alan M. Gottlieb
  • Taking Aim – At Those Who Threaten The Right to Keep And Bear Arms By Anton Bird

Joseph Tartaro & Alan Gottlieb @ GRPC 2007