Guest Host: DC Circuit Court Decision – Episode #053


In this episode Dustin discusses the process for getting a CCW in Arizona and Matthew starts his reading of the Parker vs. DC case with a little commentary. I will be back next week with an episode on Mike Huckabee.


Click here if you’d like to suggest some pro-gun books should carry. Maybe if enough of us recommend some pro-gun books maybe they will start carrying some.

PDF file of the Parker vs. DC case.


Guest Host: Girl600 – Liar, Liar – Episode #051


This episode is distributed with permission from the host of Gung Ho Gun Show, Girl600. I hope you enjoy this episode. I found it to be very entertaining, although she is not always 100% correct (for instance about the class 3 weapons) she is always very informative and reaches a group of people who needs to be reached. She has a style all of her own and is one of the first podcasts I listen to when it comes out.


Supporting Fred Thompson – Episode #050

Gun Rights Policy Conference 2007

I am sorry for being a little late with this new episode. As you may know I have been having computer problems and I finally had to purchase a new one. I finally have it all set up and it is working well beyond all expectations. I now have dual monitor support which is working out very well. Thank you to everyone who has sent me e-mails in the last couple of weeks. If I have not replied to you as of yet I will soon. It’s quite a bit of catching up to do but I will send a reply.

As you may have guessed this week’s episode of the podcast is about Fred Thompson. You probably know by now Fred Thompson is now a candidate for president in 2008. So what I am trying to do in this episode is give you some information about Fred Thompson on the Second Amendment and a bunch of links here on the website so that you can go out and read and make an informed decision for yourself.


Links from listeners e-mail:

This is a link to Dustin’s new blog

John from North Carolina sent this link in. It is a blog from one of the lawyers who is handling the Parker vs US gun case.

Fred Thompson links:

Fred 08 Web Site

Signs of Intelligence?

Armed with the Truth

FDT on The Second Amendment and the D.C. gun ban

Fred Thompson quotes Don Kates on the 2d Amendment!

Fred Thompson on the Second Amendment

Fred Thompson: “Generally” Consistent

Fred Thompsons Anti-Gun Senate Record

Fred Thompson on Gun Control

Fred Thompson on Gun Control from Front Sight, Press

Remember to go over and purchase (only $10) a autographed copy of “Black Man With A Gun” from my friend and author Kenneth V. F. Blanchard.