UPDATE: South Bend Gun BuyBack – Episode #049

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Letter I sent to the South Bend Tribune:

Supporters of gun buyback programs often want to say that the endeavor is worthwhile that if they were to save just one child. But they also say they really no way of determining the success of the gun buyback programs.

I think I have a better way. Instead of a gun buyback program why don’t we and yes I mean we. Setup a program where we educate children about firearms. No I’m not talking about taking kids out to the shooting range. I’m talking about teaching children the dangers and affects of firearms. I personally believe that more children could be saved with education then by removing a couple hundred guns from our community.

And for people who would like to dispose of unwanted firearms you have two choices. You can take your firearm to a local dealer and receive cash for your firearm. Or if you would like to dispose of your firearm so that no one uses it again you can always call your local police department and ask them their procedure on how to turn in a firearm. They all allow it, all year long.

Letter I sent to the media after the Gun Buyback:

After the two shootings Monday night that were very near the area of a local gun buyback on Saturday. It seems to me very obvious that gun buybacks have no affect on crime. Because criminals will not be the ones turning in their firearms, they are the tools of their trade. As a somewhat expert on firearms the only thing I seen from the pictures on TV of the firearms that were turned in on Saturday were old and junk firearms that legal firearms owners turned in to take advantage of getting some cash for mostly useless and worthless firearms.

Purchasing these firearms will have no fact on the fact that drug dealers, gang bangers and other violent citizens in our neighborhoods. They will continue to be violent as long as we look the other way and do useless things like gun buybacks.


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