Ron Paul – Episode #045



Gun Rights Policy Conference 2007


Ron Paul upholds people’s rights

The DC Gun Ban

Gun Rights vs. Centralization

Ron Paul on Gun Control

YouTube Videos:

Rachel Mills in Durham, NC asks about the 2nd Amendment

CNN Gun Control – Are our “babies” safe?

Candidates@Google: Ron Paul

Donnie Kennedy on Second Amendment

Donations update:

Thanks to Tony in upstate New York with his $300 donation we were able to purchase the digital field recorder to do interviews at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in October. If you’re interested click on this link to see the recorder I purchased with the donations.

Fostex FR-2LE CF Field Recorder


2 thoughts on “Ron Paul – Episode #045

  1. I like Ron Paul’s view on the second amendment but I do disagree with fully-automatic weapons. I have an assault weapon, but I don’t think people really need fully-automatic weapons. Semi-automatic is good enough for most types of shooting sports. Even the military enthusiast can be satisfied with semi-automatic weapons and magazine capacity. Unfortunately most of the candidates want to ban semi-automatic assault weapons. Fortunate for us, is that gun owners in general are united against any AWB’s because they know that banning them now means their rifles next. Also the amount of resistance of such bans by any government would be great and many of us assault weapon gun owners would simply disregard the law. I think the only ones who would even try to do such a ban (and has a real chance of winning) are Barack Obama , who will do it to “get back at the republicans” or Hilary Clinton, who will try it as “get back” for the NRA’s actions after the 1994 AWB.

  2. There is nothing wrong with responcible people owning fully automatic rifles.. lots of people in this country already do legally . and lots more do illegally! if you own an m16 its going to make you want to commit a crime anymore than if you own an ar15. the second amendment is not about target shooting or hunting IT IS ABOUT KEEPING YOUR GOVERNMENT IN CHECK AND NOT LET THE FASCIST IDIOTS IN WASHINGTON DC (DISTRICT OF CORRUPTION) TAKE YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AWAY.. THAT IS WHAT THE SECOND AMENDMMENT IS FOR.. SO YOU CAN FIGHT AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT IF THE GOVERNMENT TRIES TO MAKE YOU INTO A SLAVE! wake up ! if the NRA DOES NOT GIVE RON PAUL THIER ENDORSMENT I WILL NEVER SEND ANOTHER DOLLAR TO THE NRA!
    RON PAUL IN 08!!!!!!

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