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Gun Rights Policy Conference 2007


Ron Paul upholds people’s rights

The DC Gun Ban

Gun Rights vs. Centralization

Ron Paul on Gun Control

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Rachel Mills in Durham, NC asks about the 2nd Amendment

CNN Gun Control – Are our “babies” safe?

Candidates@Google: Ron Paul

Donnie Kennedy on Second Amendment

Donations update:

Thanks to Tony in upstate New York with his $300 donation we were able to purchase the digital field recorder to do interviews at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in October. If you’re interested click on this link to see the recorder I purchased with the donations.

Fostex FR-2LE CF Field Recorder


Interview with – Episode #044

In this episode of the podcast we hear from Daniel about firearms laws in South Carolina and I also interviewed Gary Slider from Gary is a guy behind all the information for the site andhis friend Steve Aikens does all the wonderful design for the site. Gary also informed methat he has designed a metal target that can be purchased at Mike Gibson Manufacturing. See links below:


South Carolina Firearms Laws

Gary Slider Designer of Slider Triple Dropper Steel Target

Tutorial On How To Record Audio For The Gun Rights Advocates:Part 1

Tutorial On How To Record Audio For The Gun Rights Advocates:Part 2

Washington, DC Mayor has decided to take their gun ban to the Supreme Court. You can find more information over@


Matthew Caron NY Followup – Episode #043

Added to show notes July 16,2007

Permit Followup Addendum:

So, I’m in a gun store with my Father in Law, looking at handguns,
because he’s thinking about getting another one. I wanted to show him
how the safety worked on Glocks, so I asked the clerk to show me one. He
asked to see my permit, and wouldn’t let me handle a gun without a
permit. Now, remember – I was not allowed to apply for a permit without
first having a receipt from a gun shop stating that I had put money down
on a handgun. Does anyone else notice the catch-22 here? How am I
supposed to pick a gun to buy in order to apply for a permit if I need a
permit to handle one?


Matthew Caron

New Video:

Part 1: Tutorial On How To Record Audio For The Gun Rights Advocates

Part 2: Tutorial On How To Record Audio For The Gun Rights Advocates


OSHA Comment Period Extended

OSHA Attempts Back-Door Gun Control

Democrat blogger wants to shoot Rush Limbaugh
Also calls for volunteer to assassinate Ted Nugent

My How to Videos

New Podcast:

The Shooting Bench


Firearms Wholesale Prices

Below is a list of random firearms and wholesale prices from 1990 to 1994. The information came from invoices of firearms that I sold during the period of time I held a Federal Firearms License (FFL). I thought this might be interesting to some of you to see what some wholesale prices were.

I only charge $10.00 over wholesale for a long gun & $20.00 over wholesale for a handgun. Now you can see the damage of losing more than 100,000 FFL’s because of the Clinton administration in 1994.

Chipmunk .22 single shot bold action $103.95

Century M14 Sporter .308 $329.95

Mossberg 385 12 gauge Camo $274.90

Mossberg 835 12 gauge $249.50

Ruger Mark II Standard .22 6 inch stainless $193.50

Ruger Super RedHawk .44 Mag. 7 inch stainless $368.75

Ruger Super RedHawk .44 Mag. 9 inch stainless $361.75

Desert Eagle MKVII .44 Mag. 6 inch stainless $744.50

Taurus 669 .357 Mag. Blue 6 inch $177.75

Taurus M96 .22 6 inch $184.75

Taurus PT92 9mm satin $322.50

Ruger PT-85 9mm $244.53

Bersa .380 Blue $174.95

Ruger GPU 100 .357 Mag. 4 inch stainless steel $286.65

Taurus 66 .357 stainless steel $213.75

Desert Eagle Baby 9mm $396.50

Taurus 85 .38 Special 2 inch satin $176.50

Auto Ordnance 1911A1 .45 Blue $279.95

Winchester 30 carbines $199.95